Our core focus is for your wellbeing.

We have vast knowledge of physiology, anatomy and some dietary expertise. We are passionate about wellness and great health. Our core focus is for your wellbeing. We are tried and tested. We have featured on various television programs as fitness experts.
365 Functional Training has experienced and dedicated trainers that will motivate and educate you so you can set and attain personal fitness goals. You will work closely with one of our trainers and learn how to reduce risk factors, change unwanted bad habits, manage stress, and achieve your milestones with optimism and vitality.

Depending on your needs and goals, most sessions will include some focus on flexibility, muscular strengthening, and cardiovascular endurance. Other areas of attention might include injury rehabilitation, sport-specific conditioning, functional training, core fitness, balance, agility, and weight loss. You’ll work with a highly skilled fitness professional who will evaluate your needs and goals, and then design a customized program suitable for you.